PILOT:Pharma as Best Practice-Program

The pharmaceutical industry is under increasing competitive and profit pressure, not least from reforms in the healthcare system. From this arises the specific requirement to optimize costs, especially in the production area.

For the pharmaceutical industry however, there is a significant growing digitization requirement, and Industry 4.0 will force a multitude of changes in design, manufacturing and marketing processes. Specifically: it creates better control of horizontal and vertical value chains. In addition, the future increasingly-digitalized processes will help provide a new and improved collaboration in the pharmaceutical logistics and global logistics networks and enable significant cost reductions. Furthermore the increasingly digitalized processes of the future offer new and improved collaboration in pharmaceutical logistics, and enable significant potential cost reductions for global logistics networks.

For these requirements, FELTEN as the competence leader provides industry solutions such as the trend-setting, investment-assured and GMP-compliant MES solution PILOT:Pharma. This conceals an innovative technological approach, which guarantees that production management enters a whole new dimension of efficiency improvements. Because with PILOT:Pharma companies can reduce their production costs permanently, increase performance capacity significantly and produce a noticeably higher quality level, exploiting the entire spectrum of potential efficiencies. They can also respond easily to changing market demands using flexible process models.  

Our integrated Best Practice approach for demanding project objectives is based on Industry 4,0-oriented software with digital information management and intelligent procedures, characterized by extensive expertise in all relevant production management disciplines in the pharmaceutical industry. GMP-compliant documentation, the detailed audit-trail function (21 CFR Part 11) and procedure management (CAPA), as well as complete Electronic Batch Record Management (EBR) are taken as standard. Hence, the best conditions for a safe route to the benefits of a digital future.

With PILOT:Cosmetics the future starts today

More than three quarters of consumers in Germany attach great value to a well-groomed appearance. On the other hand the market is under strong competitive pressure, demanding quick responses and continual new product ideas. This has a direct impact on the production sector, requiring a high degree of flexibility as well as cost-effective processes.

There are other, very relevant, influencing factors: the digitization of value chains in the cosmetics industry. According to experts, the challenges are to provide a balance between customization and complexity, cost and segmentation and between service levels and inventory levels. Production and logistics are also impacted by Industry 4.0, with the concept of an overarching network of all players, equipment and other resources involved in the value creation process.

FELTEN has the special expertise both to prepare systematically for future situations and also to create appropriate technical infrastructure today to generate significant benefits. As an industry leader, PILOT:Cosmetics offers an innovative solution for production management which with its trendsetting technological approach guarantees totally new dimensions in service quality and profitability. This future-proofed industry solution provides cosmetics manufacturers all the requirements necessary for economically efficient production. It includes the compliance requirements under GMP and cosmetics directives, the structured management of batch records, seamless tracking and tracing and fully electronic documentation (EBR) of all process steps with batch documentation etc.

With the MES industry solution PILOT:Cosmetics,  industry can permanently reduce production costs, significantly increase the power capacity and produce noticeably higher quality, to properly use its full efficiency capability. They can also easily respond to changing market requirements using flexible process models. Additionally it is designed to actively support digital conversion and already provides high added-value on the road to Industry 4.0.

PILOT:Flavor&Fragrance for the good taste of success


The consumer has become more demanding in nutrition matters, whilst at the same time there is intense competition in the food industry. It is therefore all about the composition and development of food recipes for tastes and fragrances in modern food products and nutritional concepts. Such flavorings and functional ingredients are used in food, beverages and health products in order to enhance the taste. In addition, the visual presentation of the food and beverage is important when it comes to translating consumer demands into marketable product tastes.

FELTEN supports manufacturers of flavors and fragrances by providing efficient production, and is one of the most specialized solution providers in this segment. Our customers use PILOT:Flavor & Fragrance across the world as an innovative production management solution, continuously opening new dimensions of service quality and profitability with its trend-setting technological approach. This future-proofed business solution incorporates all requirements considered necessary for profitable, efficient production. The relevant legal guidelines and compliance requirements are fully covered.

The benefit: industrial companies using PILOT:Flavor&Fragrance can show clear reductions in production costs, significantly increase capacity, produce noticeably higher quality, and exploit the full range of efficiencies. Additionally, the easily-adapted process models comply with the market’s demands for flexibility. PILOT:Flavor&Fragrance also opens the door to the future by supporting production digitization, thus generating further substantial added value. Moreover: PILOT also paves the way to Industry 4.0 and is hence a safe investment.



PILOT:Food creates totally new perspectives

In Germany the food industry has to work with high levels of competition and a very price-sensitive market. These conditions in themselves make it necessary to provide both efficient and customizable production. On top of that the food market is in a constant state of change, such that production has to adapt flexibly to ever newer developments in food and consumer behavior.

So for the food industry, digitization is the key to the future. The focus is on the collection and analysis of production data in real time with concurrent intelligent links, and includes the removal of paper documentation from food production. This opens completely new perspectives for food manufacturers, not just in cost-effective production, but also allowing increasingly complex manufacturing processes to be made flexible and controlled individually.  

The Industry 4.0 concept plays an increasing part in this future scenario. However, it assumes a technical infrastructure with a high degree of vertical digitalization, a MES-system as the central platform for data management, as well as the integration of MES and ERP/SAP. Additionally, key data-based process control and predictive maintenance must also be included.

Here FELTEN offers not just the MES industry solution PILOT:Food, a future-orientated industry-specific platform, but also thoroughly understands the specific production processes and regulatory requirements of the food and beverage industry. The batch tracking according to EU Regulation 178/2002 and IFS is just as natural as the support for market segmentation. Thus we can satisfy our customers with a comprehensive range of services from consulting and computer validation up to technically advanced and tailored solutions.



Flexible production with PILOT:Fine Chemicals & Adhesives

The specialty and fine chemical industrial companies, which also includes adhesives manufacturers, develop products based on sophisticated specifications. Their efficient production requires continuous transparent processes with short set-up times and high production flexibility, for significantly varying batch sizes.  

For these requirements FELTEN offers PILOT:Fine Chemicals & Adhesives, a tailored Best Practice solution developed for industrial customers and hence consistently reflecting the specific production requirements in these companies. Thus it offers wide potential for productivity and increased flexibility as well as sustainable cost savings from, for example, reduced changeover and downtimes and very tightly controlled production processes. All the more so if PILOT:Fine Chemicals & Adhesives is linked to business processes via ERP/SAP-integration.

This future-proofed Industry 4.0-oriented MES solution for manufacturers of fine chemical and adhesives is of course fully compliant with the requirements of GMP and cosmetics directives, taking into account the structured management of production instructions, seamless tracking and tracing and the complete electronic documentation (EBR) of all process steps with batch documentation, etc. Moreover this solution also considers the future by actively supporting production digitalization changes with electronic information management and intelligent production procedures.