Planning changes made easily

One of the critical requirements for success in production is to minimize planning times for production orders. But problems often occur within a short time-frame, so that the current planning must be adapted. If this planning process takes place on paper or Excel, where planning has to be changed several times a week, a lot of work is quickly incurred. Moreover, displaying the currently-planned orders is very time-consuming for the production operators, especially if the new plan is also provided on paper. Staff motivation drops quickly if the line operator has to adapt to a new plan several times a day.

However, the planning of production orders is seen as one of the most complex processes within the company. It is therefore even more important that this process is system-supported...

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Roadmap „Efficiency Booster“

Production continues to be subject to pressures from quality, flexibility and high costs. For reasons of efficiency alone, those responsible must therefore apply themselves to explicitly digitalizing their production systems. However, many are not just unclear about the economic and other benefits of such technological modernization, but also as to how to get there. The way to digitalize manufacturing processes, Industry 4.0 and IoT requires a strategy that is not just designed systematically, but simultaneously offers clear, predictable success forecasts to avoid investment risks. And which also adapts flexibly to the company’s specific capabilities. Difficult aspirations to achieve?

On the contrary: FELTEN developed the Roadmap Efficiency Booster for this very reason. From your...

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Best practice tips for the digitalization of production

By digitizing their production, many production companies are breaking new ground which, according to FELTEN Group's consultants, carries the risk of unsuitable procedures. Hans-Jürgen Kopp, Senior Consultant at the software company, points out some important factors for success that guide digitalization strategies safely to their goal:

  1. Do not start without a precise analysis of the initial situation: Digitalization must track the existing conditions in production. This requires close examination of the status quo, not only to evaluate the technical infrastructure with regard to digitalization possibilities, but also to identify the potential for optimization in individual or multiple production processes.
  2. Precisely evaluating the benefits of digitalization: After determining the initial...
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Increasing the production yields with FELTEN-consulting

Production companies’ costs rise predictably every year. Annual 2-3% wage and salary increases, material price increases, increasing complexity from further product variants, higher write-offs after investments and rising energy costs all lead to higher production costs. If these costs cannot be compensated by product price increases or through other factors, like an increase in overall sales, only two alternatives remain. First, the profit will be reduced and second, the cost increases must be resisted by suitable measures and the total costs reduced.

As diverse as the processes of the production sites are, so are the many ways to improve them. Continuing developments mean that there are also more and more possibilities and methods to optimize processes. Whereas entire specialist teams...

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