Production Digitalization – the key to the future

The benefits of digitized production can be clearly described: it gradually does away with paper, systems and machines are networked together and systems automatically exchange production- and maintenance- related data, so becoming faster, more flexible and more efficient. The further the digitalization-level develops, the greater the economic impact along the added-value chain. The same applies to additional user benefits such as increasing the level of automation, and individualized production.

Just ending the use of paper documents in the production process brings serious advantages in itself: shorter cycle times, lower personnel costs, less wastage and more punctual deliveries when data is exchanged digitally.

However, the example given of the elimination of paper shows that production digitalization requires intelligent concepts and solutions so that the path to the future Industry 4.0 concept can be taken systematically whilst at the same time risk-free. PILOT:MES from the internationally-active FELTEN Group is created precisely for this purpose. It is the platform for future-orientated production digitization, complemented by proven best practices and customer-specific consulting. The very best preconditions to support production enterprises convincingly in their transition to digitalization.

Best Practice
Day 2020